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Date: Tuesday, 14th February 2012    Experience with mum's emotions when treating child

I realise that at times when treating a child we need to consider the bond of mum and child eventhough the child much older.   The imprint of birth trauma that cannot be resolved stays in the mum's subconscious.  Until this is released and resolved, the bonding is unable to take place.  There is anxiety in the mum which would translate to her child.

Today I saw a young mother with a son aged 6 who has been diagnosed as developmental delayed.  He is not talking and has poor attention span amongst other things. 

A little bit information as to her background.  There are two older children.  Throughout all three pregnancy this mother experienced bad nausea and morning sickness.  When she was pregnant with this 3rd child she was rather unhappy and depressed as she was finding it rather difficult to copy with two young children and the pregnancy.  She had thoughts of not wanting this baby.

I began the treatment by having mum and child sitting on the floor.  The child sat on mum's lap and he was playing with finger puppets with mum.  I made contact with one hand on mum's back, in between the scapulae and the other hand was on child's diaphragm.

Mum was experiencing lots of emotions as we dialogue about her pregnancy.  As mum became more relaxed, her son settled on her lap. 
After 15 minutes child became restless.  There were other issues that surface which was addressed.  

I dialogue with mum about providing boundaries for her son so that he would feel safe and security. 

I attached an article which resonates with what transpired in the treatment session.

An excerpt from Heart of a Mother by Paula J. Fox
A mother is born in that very momenta child becomes her own.
And her heart begins to overflow with a love she has never known.
Her focus changes instantlyas her heart beats for another.
It will never be the same again.  It's the powerful heart of a mother!
It's a heart of incredible couragewith strength and endurance too.
She fiercely protects and defends her youngin ways only she can do.
She sacrifices "self" to giveher children what they need, 

developing their characterto make sure that they succeed.
Just like a lovely gardener she plants her seeds of love.
Her heart gives lots of sunshine like blessings from above.
She provides a firm foundation...a peaceful, loving home 
So her children's roots run deep and strong no matter where they roam.
With a heart that nurtures them along to grow in the right direction
She allows them freedom to blossom and thrive under her wise protection.
They're prepared to face the storms of life, as they learn to stand alone.
She gives them a sense of value and strengthwith a confidence of their own.
There's a special beauty in a Mother's love
he's a picture of wisdom and grace
We honor her with gratitude...
No one can take her place!


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